Monday, March 11, 2013

Adult Spring Break 2k13

Took I-26E to South Carolina this weekend for an eventful Bachelorette Party weekend for our dear friend Katherine. Walks on the beach in our (my) pjs, shopping on King Street, night out on the town, and a great beach house! We had a fabulous time celebrating Katherine!

Here's a few one liners that made this weekend even more memorable

-If we have a Zombie Apocalypse I'm heading to the piggly wiggly warehouse, that looks good place to hide

-remember when you said to that girl, I don't speak skank- oh, nevermind, that doesn't apply to this weekend

-why did you pay $50 for a margarita? because Snookie did it

- a girls gotta eat if she doesn't want to end up on the street

- I mean she's cute, but she's not like CUTE. Ya know

-I have to put that on Instagram. Do we have a hash tag for the weekend?

- remember when we would get drunk at the SAE house then go back to the Theta house and run on the treadmill. We did some random shit. We're lucky we lived

-I was going to crack a joke about the last time I had someone between my legs but I won't

- that will be $5 for a side of guacamole

- you know they switched to the other side a few years ago. What do you mean....they're gay? No I mean they are democrats now - they adopted a baby an named it Barock

-Eew my hands don't smell good, they smell like band-aids

-It has a slit in it, I want lots of grandchildren :)

-I mean I'm a good girl. I go to church on Sunday except when I'm hungover

-I know it's super sketch but I take greyhound home all the time, it's like $10

-I didn't want to tell her my hair my hair looked like shit because I cut it myself with kitchen scissors

-OMG, you should totally see her nipples

-Do you have a very sever comb over ?

-someone else drink this I dont want to get roofied alone

-Aren't we going to be sinners at the church bar?

- hey this bar is just like two keys!

-I'm sorry ma'am I can't take a photo with you I'm married

-I don't usually wear clothes

-We are so white

-I loved that bartender an she loved me, She told you the difference between vodka and salt

-Going back to joke school .......kinda like real estate school

-This weekend could have been a real world special

-%#$&@....$&#%€ ....... Hey People are trying to sleep!

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  1. WOW! I cry everytime I read those.. Such an amazing weekend. One for the grankids! :) MIss you already!