Monday, December 26, 2011

Out West! San Francisco and Napa, California!

How can 2011 almost be over? Looking back on a great year one of the best things from 2011 was our trip to San Fransisco and Napa, California! I could live out there it was so amazing. After checking into our hotel and  into room 666 (yes really, not kidding!) it's time to soak up the city!

One of our very first stops was Ghirardelli Square. Chocolate Chocolate and more Chocolate. Their Chocolate Chip cookies were amazing and we've spent months trying to recreate them. Their website has a great recipes but mine just don't turn out quite the same....hmmmm.

And we walked and walked and walked but the view's were worth it. This is one of my favorites! 

Lombard Street is awesome, it was eight hairpin turns and out of this world landscaping that is as hard to drive down as it is walk. If you're in the Bay Area, this is a must see!

One the best recommendations we received was to have dinner at Prospect. I wish I had some more pictures but I was too busy inhaling one of the best meals I've ever had. Of course a big part of our trip was focused on food. Nom Nom

And of course a trip to San Francisco wouldn't be complete without a ride over and under the Golden Gate Bridge. And it was freezing!

Over the Bridge and to the Woods! Muir Woods that is, I felt like a little elf under all the giant Redwood trees.

Yep that's me inside the tree!

"If you're tired you take a Napa, you don't move to Napa"
-Carrie to Big

On the Road to Napa!!
My Blog title Katherine Ave. sounds appropriate, I got us lost about a millions times on this trip


I've lost count of how many Wineries we visited but our two favorites were Schramsberg and Beringer

The grounds, the history and the wine at Schramsberg's were my favorite. What girl wouldn't love a sparkling wine tasting by candle light in a wine cave! #swoon

If you're ever in Napa, you HAVE to visit Schramsberg!

Napa Valley is full of great wine and fabulous food, it's Disneyland for adults. Another perfect sugggestion was dinner at Bouchon. My mouth is watering writing this post.
Out of this world romantic French Bistro in Yountville.
Steak and Frites, REAL butter, fresh seafood, amazing bread and even better wine - this is a vacation.

Bouchon Ext

Now.. when we went to Beringer we decided to go for the history. Images of boxed white Zinfandel is what I had in mind before we got there. Boy was I surprised!

Can you see Rob on the front steps..."Honey we're home!"

I love Beringer's monogram too :)

This wine tasting blew me away, amazing chocolates and cheese to pair with absolutely some of the best wine ever, no White Zinfandel here. Really we could have stayed there all day. Out of every bottle we tried these are the ones we brought  home. Waiting for a special day to open these :)
2007 Beringer Private Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley1991 Beringer Merlot Bancroft Ranch Howell Mountain

I can't wait to go back! Wonder where we can go in 2012???
xx, K

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Well Hello!

My first blog post!! This is so exciting!! After years of stalking other blogs I finally have one to call my own. I'm sure I'll figure this out along the way as I document the domestically challenged antics, getaways, and splendid events to come. Happy Blogging!