Wednesday, February 15, 2012

how do you decorate a cubicle?

First day on the job and I couldn't stop thinking about how I'm going to dress up my cubicle - it's very grey.
I need a lamp, some pictures and lots more, need some ideas though, any thoughts?

Pimp my cube

Pretty pin board from Martha Stewart
Small Home Office Design

Monday, February 13, 2012

Pinterest DIY - Roman Shades using Mini Blinds

I love Pinterest and I finally have enough free time for all the projects I've pined. I've had a whole week off before my new job starts (YES!!!!) and I've organized and cleaned like crazy - time for a fresh start! 
 This is the perfect time to tackle making roman shades using mini blinds, my side door could use something pretty :)

My inspiration - The Little Green Notebook, I love this blog!!

I would have included a picture of the door before but it was pretty bad- we'll skip that. Please refer to the link above for the Little Green Notebook, she has several pictures that explain how to do this - it's pretty easy.
All you need it a piece of fabric to fit your window, blinds, fabric glue and a tape measure.
And you'll have something like this!!

(needs some trim though don't you think, maybe red or pink??)